Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ruby July

Welcome this July 4th celebration.  I myself, trying to stay out of the heat (in Alabama) working on my computer today.

July is known as National Hot Dog, as well as National Ice Cream Month.  Some of the celebrated days in July are:

     7/1 Canada Day
     7/4 July 4th
    7/13 Embrace Your Geekness Day
    7/14 Bastille Day

The Ruby is July's birthstone.  Cancer 6/22-7/22 and Leo 7/23-8/23

Welcome to my lesson about the gemstone ruby (I will clarify that I am the student).  The Ruby is actually a red corundum; which is usually found in granular limestone, gneiss, mica, or chlorite schists.  Tourmaline is an associated mineral.  Ruby owes is superb hue to traces of chromium.  Myanmar, Mogok in upper Burma produce the famous "Burmese" rubies.  Rubies are know as the "King of Gems".

High-quality large rubies are very rare and demand higher prices than diamonds.  Rubies are second in hardness; diamonds are the hardest.  Ruby is said to harbor the spark of life and possess power to light up darkness.  Linked to summer, Tuesday, and St. Matthew, symbol of health, passion and triumph in love.