Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking Pictures

Yesterday I was taking pictures of some earrings to be put on my etsy shop, and the funniest thing happened. I live on the 2nd floor, my studio window was open (screen out) and my prop was on a board in the window (the window ledge is not level), guess what happened. My prop, and my earrings went out the window. I ran downstairs frantic that my prop might have been broken (it is a very old coctail shaker), but it was in perfect condition. Finding the earrings in the bushes was difficult, but I finally did after about 15 minutes with the help of my neighbors. Wow, the things we go through to get pictures!!

Note: I didn't even use a picture with the prop that fell. I ended up using the shot glass instead. This is the pair of earrings that fell, which will be added to my etsy shop. Should I name them Hard as Rocks or Golden Ice?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Started

Welcome to my new blog. I could use any advice about blogging. I just opened a new jewelry shop on etsy and would like to be critiqued. This pair of earrings is one of my favorite recently listed. I also do stained glass, so I am into color. Am tired of being on computer all the time, hopefully soon I will have have both my etsy stores connected to blogs. Not being very computer savvy, it has been very difficult to communicate the connections from one shop to the other to the blogs, at the same time trying to use web analytics on both. This is very new to me. I seem to have it working on jewelry but not on glass.